Swirl of Kongo Gumi kumihimo braids two and three colors.
Kongo Gumi - A Cacophony of Spots - Coils - Zags - Lines. Book by Rosalie Neilson documenting 1,157 2-color designs of kumihimo braid Kongo Gumi Definitive Collection of 2-color designs for 16-element Kongo Gumi Kongo Gumi book of 2 color designs for kumihimo braid
Kongo Gumi Samplers
Printed in Oregon Bridgetown Printing, a Consolidated Graphics Company
Red, Black and metallic copper elements used in Kongo Gumi sampler, showing seven different patterns.
Embossed cover by Advanced Letterpress, Portland Oregon
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Edo Yatsu Gumi Book
Braid Diagrams
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Two and Three colors used in a swirl of Kongo Gumi braids.