Orion's Plumage logo for weaving studio of Rosalie Neilson featuring a parrot whose name was Orion.
FLOW - Kitchen Rep Rug
Woven to celebrate a catered dinner by ED of Scandinavian Heritage Foundaiton
FLOW warp rep kitchen rug, Rosalie Neilson
This warp-faced rep rug moves in color from blue to red. The blue (cold color) is next to the refrigerator while the red (hot color) is next to the stove. Woven before Thanksgiving 2010, to celebrate a catered dinner for eight, an auction item at the Portland Chamber Orchestra annual fundraiser.I have to admit, I roll it up during the day to avoid spills, and unroll it at night before bed as a reward for getting the kitchen cleaned. Great to come down in the morning in barefeet to make coffee.
FLOW warp rep rug showing cold side in blues, Rosalie Neilson
FLOW warp rep rug showing hot side in reds, Rosalie Neilson
FLOW, 44" x 88", designed and woven by Rosalie Neilson
FLOW, cold side
FLOW, hot side
FLOW by Rosalie Neilson warp rep rug back beam showing movement of color from red to blue
FLOW warp rep rug of 1320 ends of 3/2 cotton
FLOW - 1320 warp ends beamed and threaded