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Kumihimo: 16-element Braiding on the Marudai

Sunday, October 22, 2017
American Kumihimo Society Gathering
Tampa, Florida

Using traditional Japanese braiding equipment, this workshop is designed for participants familiar with 8-element braid structures. Building on the movements and processes learned in the introductory workshop, and for those who want to branch out into more complex braids, participants will create a sampler of 16-element braids using two colors of silk or synthetic silk. Braids include Oimatsu, Naiki, Tsukushi, 3 variations of Mitake Gumi, and Kongō Gumi. Resources for braid designs include the handout and the book Kongō Gumi: A Cacophony of Spots – Coils – Zags – Lines.

Later Event: November 9
An Exaltation of Blocks