Rep Weaving

Rosalie Neilson's work in warp-faced rep weaving involves developing abstract designs on a 16-shaft loom — where two shafts control the color of one block.


Block Design in Rep Weave

A block can be either a pattern coloration or a background coloration. Warp-faced rep weave has the same appeal to Rosalie as weft-faced block weaves. In both techniques, there is an intensity of color coupled with the play of design blocks.



My partner in weaving is a 16-shaft Macomber loom which I named Brunhilde, after the famous operatic Diva. I create the compositions and she does the singing. I use a sectional warp beam, warping an inch at a time, to simplify the process of putting on complex warp stripes. I use the computer software program called Fiberworks PCW to create my designs, and a Dobbytron to operate the treadling and tie-up of my loom.



Rep is sometimes referred to as "ripsmatta", a Swedish term for a rug characterized by the alternation of thick and thin picks of weft, or ribs (also known as "rips" in Swedish).

An Exaltation of Blocks features a
Warp-faced Rep Weave chapter

An Exaltation of Blocks
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