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February Workshops in Arizona: Block Designs in Summer and Winer

Teaching Tour sponsored by the Arizona Federation of Weavers and Spinners from February 7 to 24. Rosalie will give the keynote address, The Power of Block Design, at the Arizona Federation luncheon on Saturday, February 24.

Arizona Desert Weavers & Spinners Guild
Phoenix AZ

Summer and Winter is a two-shuttle weave structure where a thinner tabby weft alternates with a thicker pattern weft every other row. In Block weaving, there are eight picks of weft for each threading block: four tabby wefts alternating with four pattern wefts. It is the Pattern weft which determines the different styles of Summer and Winter: Alternating, Bird’s-Eye, X-Style, and Dukagäng.

8-shaft participants will thread their looms with the same draft, designing a table runner with center 4-block motifs and 2-block motif borders. 4-shaft participants will use a different draft to explore 2-block designs.